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All new automatic systems from 6KW to 22KW qualify for free seven year warranty.



Your Generator Connection are your leading Generac generator experts in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. We sell, install & maintain partial home and whole home standby generators to give you and your family piece of mind when it’s needed most. Never be left in the dark especially during times of natural disasters or those pesky periodic brownouts or blackouts.

Residential Generac Generators


If you’re a commercial business owner, you know how important it is to keep the power on. Whether you’re a single location coffee shop or a property manager with a 30 story building, we’ve got the best Generac generators available to suit your commercial needs and can accommodate 150kw+ unit sales, installation and maintenance.

Commercial Generac Generators


Where would the USA be if we didn’t have industrial manufacturing up and running around the clock? Whether you’re a single location manufacturer of stuffed animals or a multi-location industrial giant churning out OEM car parts for the big boys, We provide the best industrial Generac generators available for your specific needs and requirements.

Industrial Generac Generators

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Generac Generator Maintenance

It's not uncommon for a standby generator to have a lifespan that ranges from 10,000 to over 30,000 hours. If you think about it, backup generators are typically used as little as 30 hours each year (based on typical 12-15 minute cycles each weak and assuming no outages during the year), but can be used over 100 hours per year depending on the number of outages. Regardless, your standby generator should have a great lifespan that can last 20-30+ years! However, your generator is no different than the family car. It needs an annual inspection, regular oil changes (annually), battery replacement every 3-4 years, new air filter(s), etc.

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